The Okada uprising in Nigeria: An open letter to all Nigerians. THE ISSUE OF BANNING MOTOR CYCLISTS IN OUR CITIES

Dr. Yilkyes Finok Bala-Tonglele writes for WORLD LEADERS MAGAZINE 

I want us all to strike a meaningful dialogue on this issue so that we can put heads together and solve our problems as one people 1. The video clip and the commentary being circulated on social media stereo typing certain set of our community and using unacceptable derogatory tribal hate words should not have been shared on the platforms as this was the height of hate speech that could bring about social unrest the like of Rwanda. 2. All great cities of the world cater for all forms of transport with most emphasis particularly on cyclist and bikers. Nigeria as a developing nation cannot wake up one day and decides that her cities are only for vehicular owners. A discrimination that can lead to anarchy and destroys the foundation of our young democracy itself. 3. A society that does not have good law enforcement most especially on road users cannot pernalize one section of the community as a short-cut to its problem 4. Cars…

Unprecedented Lovers Day Merriment....................As Emirates to serve 40 unique culinary creations across its network for Valentine’s Day

Emirates is creating a memorable travel experience for its customers for Valentine's Day. The airline will serve 40 unique Valentine's Day themed desserts and treats to serve on board and across its network of lounges spread over six continents.

Africa's Global bank, UBA moves again..... NextGen account Revamped and re branded

BUSINESS EXCLUSIVE “Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” ...
BY Mike De Cerutti Osagie Editor-In-Chief @ CERUTTI MEDIA GROUP
IN line with meeting their corporate new year goal, Africa's global bank,UBA Nigeria Plc have revamped her NextGen account which targets students in tertiary institutions and members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). We gathered that they have also partnered with DRB Lasgidi, a Nigerian music group and pioneers of the Alté movement to drive interest in the zero-charge account called NextGen. The NextGen Account helps students to manage their money effectively and encourage active savings early in life. “We cannot overemphasize the importance of saving early,” said Jude Anele, Group Head of Retail Banking. The NextGen Account is our way of putting students in charge of their money, especially at this critical stage of their lives and this comes free of fees.” “The new NextGen Account opens students and NYS…