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With 2.5 million up for Grabs, Kc Mordi speaks of massive benefit of Miss Esther Pageantry

With barely three months to the maiden Miss Esther pageant, one of the men behind the dream, Prince Kc Mordi have advised parents and well wishers on need to spure their daughter or relatives to be part of the event

Speaking to us last night, Mordi stated that : " Beyond the N2.5 million up for grab, the event is first of its kind, only clean / Godly dressing that night, no bikinibikini

" There is no better way to glorify women of God like this, so it is vital that  young  girls who think they have what it takes to be the best part of history

" May it also be stated that this event is not denominational affair, it is open for all ladies win  intense fear of God, we pledge to be Godly and decent in choosing the maiden miss Esther " he said

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A CZAR CERUTTI Charity reports


A Rare Birthday Wish For Turaki Adamawa and PR Advocate, Dr Osagie

Nov 25th! A Rare Goodwill message for two of Nigeria's Best

Very unique.  Historic date

2 of Nigeria's best brains/hands..2 of my many role models  mark their birth day

So on  occasion of this  great day, I, the humble czar of letters, wish Alhaji Abubakar Atiku and PR legend Dr Phil Osagie, a most peaceful and memorable dayday

They  deserve  joyful life for their work ethic, passion, compassion, selfless service and big big ambitions

Turaki/ Dr Osagie, kindly accept  our warm and most esteem regards

Best selling writer
Czar CERUTTI Osage
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The word of David Gemmell on honour isa well befitting of MAMA HID Awolowowhen he said “Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honour, valour, respect. All these things have to be earned.” 
As the great matraich goes home tommorro it is worthy of praise to Ogun Stae GOVERNMNET TOclose all schools inher Remo area and market all in her honour ,a truyemark of respect for the late Matriarch of the Awolowo dynasty, who died on Sept. 19. Says a Governmwent source : “”Government, hereby, appeals to market men and women as well as residents of the state to troop out en-masse to give late Mrs Awolowo a befitting burial,” HID , NOT JUST MATRACH OF AWO: A LEGEND

Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo (nee Adelana) was born in Ikenne Remo, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria on November the 25th 1915, to Chief Odugbemi Adelana and Princess Elizabeth Oyesile Adelana. H.I.D was affectionately referred to as the "Jewel of Inestimable Value&qu…

Enter The First Vital Law of Successful Marriage,as Voiced by Folorunsho Alakija

1 FOR SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE: WOMEN SUBMITT TO YOUR MAN Ephesians 5:22-33New International Version (NIV) 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 for the husband are the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.  In her very frank view, Folorunso Alakija insist that for any union to succeed the  role of the woman at home cannot be undermined or overestimated for women must learn to submit to their husband in a ratio of hundred percent including  their much cherished finance
  She insisted that if any ladies love/respect God, than she must also love and respect her man. In totality. As she puts it: ‘How do you talk to your husband’s? Will  he say 1 and you fire with 3? “What impression do you give your parent/outsiders of your husband state of mind? Do you practice fire to fire with your man? Do you take any …

The Untold Side Of Goodluck Jonathan: A case study in Meekness

° A special Cerutti M. Osagie Tribute

One of the greatest king that ever lived, king Solomon warned in his gigantic epistle in proverbs that to be great, you do not need much ingredients!

His chief advice nothing but diligence. As he puts it: " Find a man diligent in his work, He will serve before kings, not ordinary man "

Today,that can be said of the story of the immediate past Nigeria head of state, Dr Good luck Ebele Jonathan, who only recentely celebrated. His birthday

A lot has no doubt been said of the ex president, but what are his passions? What is the man's other side?

Cerutti Media & Books Inc~ one of Africa's foremost secret of success writers encountered, king Ebi Shidi Spiff, CEO of AEI Logistics, who is  a Strong Jonathan subject, who once worked for the president as a domestic staff

His first word was to tag the ex president as one of the most meek men he ever met

The Oxford dictionary's desorption of meekness was arresting... Someone who is   calm, …

Ex Nigeria Vice President/Turaki Adamawa Greets Jonathan

Happy birthday Dr Jonathan

Despite their massive political difference, ex VP Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, who doubles as Turaki Adamawa has sent a goodwill message to the man who he one challenged for the presidential seat

In a short text Alhaji Atiku said..."Happy birthday Dr Good luck Jonathan, our former  President, democrat and patriot. Wishing you many happy returns "

" My vision for Lagos " - Ambode

Man of Vision, Akinwunmi Ambode speaks on his vision for giant Lagos

Hear him out: " Lagos is cornerstone of of Nigeria's economy. If Lagos flourishes, Nigeria as a whole flourishes
" If Lagos gets it right,Nigerian economy will grow. My dream is to have Lagos state that must be home to all "

° Piece courtesy CNBC Africa, from a robust interview that the CERUTTI/World industry leaders blog  team will unleash a never before seen :Ambode 25 wise views of Lagos.

PAPAS CEO, Okamigbo Wants Couples To Blossom Their Love Life With Regular Dance Steps

A weekend classy report  ,By Cerutti Osage

 Franklin Emenike Okamigbo CEO of PAPAS entertainment's   world is a man that needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in the hall of fame in the country, especially where events management and big boys  get together are concerned
He has managed many high brow clubs and he Is  often regarded as man who brings class in any club or events he sets up
Only last night,he spoke to us and this time,he  advising, that couple  who desire a long lasting relationship must learn to form the habit of dancing together every now and then " Am not saying this because I run a club, but s global survey has shown that    Couples who indulge in any kind of extra-curricular activities together ,chief of which is dancing in club or parties once s while, are known to have a better sense of bonding than regular couples. When you take up dancing lessons together you start spending more time together. As a result you begin to communicate m…

LAGOS. Comes Alive for wellness to African communities (edition 1)

A special Cerutti Media Charity Report

All is now set for the maiden wellness workshop on chronic disease in the community
A brainchild of Total Body wellness foundation in partnership with Hope Valley medical clinic, the event will held at Calabar community hall ,surulere, Lagos by exactly 11 a.m on Thursday November 19th, 2015
In this report  ,we gladly present the brief profile of the distinguish speakers at the historic event

DEACON KAYODE ADEBOYE is Health Minister. Kayode’s recovery from a health challenge in 2004 led to his being trained as at the Halleluyah Acres Ministry in North Carolina. Since  his  qualification as  a  Health  Minister  he  has  been spreading  the  message of healthy living in Churches and corporate environment. He is also working on a wellness community and facility where people can come to get healthy meals and also learn how to live healthy lives. Kayode is an ordained Deacon and also works as a communications consultant in an oil and …

Sayings of Cerutti Osagie on marble ( Ills of waiting) Courtesy Best Western Hotel, Ikeja- Lagos

"To wait on the Lord God is the greatest virtue, but it is not class act   to over wait to live a dream! King David never waited too long to strike Goliath down!..all mortals  must wait only on God with peak patience, but to live  a  dream must be now, only step by step will do it for you and future "

Sayings of czar Cerutti M. Osagie

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PAPAS CEO speaks passionstly of His New Charity Ambition

A special Cerutti Media charity report, brought to you by The place /papas,Lekki

Weeks after historically marking his birthday with the poor destitute in Lagos, Lagos based PAPAS entertainment CEO is saying it loud and clear that the event will now be a yearly event

"All my life I make people happy by giving them top notch music and parties, but now its time to give to the poor. Needy around me.

" Often and on I tell myself and those around me that...  It's often said that life's most pertinent question is .. " what are u doing to or for others " ..Particularly people who don't have hope of where to Lay their heads  or where they can call home , hope of where the next meal is coming from, hope of going or sending their kids to school, hope of getting adequate medical care and so on.. 

"So now I want  to day to all please be inspired to live a life of purpose after all " the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose " Remember When its all …