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The Big Weekend Show Highlights 88th Academy Awards Special on StarTimes

By CERUTTI osagie Lagos.
Great news for pay per view lovers
February is Academy Awards month and StarTimes will be celebrating it with an Oscar’s special - The Big Weekend on C Music TV on 27th and 28th February 2016.

Honouring the extraordinary talent of film score composers, the Big Weekend will explore the world of music in film to coincide with the 88th Academy Awards. With a host of exclusive soundtrack music-videos from all the major nomination categories, The Big Weekend will also give viewers insight into a series of enlightening composer promos and abundant film and Oscar facts.  The Oscars Special will include some of C Music TV’s favourite artists and evaluate the nominee line-up and possible winners

Chief Executive Officer of StarTimes Nigeria, Mr. Jack Liu said “Many of our subscribers enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Oscars. Hosting the Big Weekend on C Music TV on StarTimes, we hope will be the “cherry on the cake” for Academy Award fans on the African continent.”  

Historic Goals: Okamigbo,PAPAS of Lagos CEO, hails Emmanuel Ememike's "hunger"

Sports. Megamix report by Cerutti Osage
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The recent confession by Nigeria and West Ham united marksman, Emmanuel Ememike that he could have been shattered had he not scored his team in last weekend FA tie against Blackburn Rovers have been commended by Prince Franklin Ememike Okamigbo, a Lagos based sports buff and CEO of PAPAS entertainment world

Only recently, the Nigerian top 9 confessed   to African football. Com that : " I knew I was going to lead the attack,so all eyes were on me and I knew it will be big let down if. I did not score, because the expectation were getting high everyday

".With those two goals, I feel more confident I feel more confident than before, but am not going to relax as the goals will motivate me to score more goals"

Now,reacting to his fellow kinsman victory, PAPAS Okamigbo commended Ememike and urged him not to relent on his work rate

" Several hundred millions exchanged hands between Fernabache and West Ham,…

Somewhere in Africa, a Goodwill jewelry Ambition just came true

Dreams can definitely come true,if we remain focus and resolate on our eyes on the ball-

*By Czar CERUTTI M.Osagie
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The great human right activist, Martin Luther,the German reformer once said: " Everything that is done in this world is done in hope"

And it was such hope that motivated a young African jeweler by name,Goodwill Akhigbe​​ to recently invites the creme dela creme of the society to the grand opening of her dream come true R1470 heads & Accessories showroom on the high brow Lekki Sangotedo end of Lagos, at the children plaza, by Km 46 lekki /Epe expressway .

What a double dream come true? She did not only have her ambition to own a Jewell shop come true, she also had as special guest of honour, the Fashion designers of Nigeria President chief Mrs Funmi Ajila Ladepo present live,to declare  the place open

In an interview with CERUTTI media luxury unit later, she opines why she is excited to have the flamboyant Fadan President…

The Zlatan side worth emulating... piece courtesy: Zinox Digitals

By Mike Cerutti

Alot has been said of Swedish and Paris Saint Germaine  all time greatesf footballer, a man with over 100 appearance and 62 goals for his country
Nicknamed Ibracadabra...Zlatan is full of self confidenee snd once rated himdelf higher than Messi /Ronaldo,saying he is like small god who has won more trophies in other countries than both  stars
But beyond his boastful nature,a lot is there to learn  from  Zlatan especially from his heavy work rate,his team mate Williams confessed that Zlatan is simply a  phenomenon and every young fellow must learn from him
“I hope that all our youngsters continue to learn from Zlatan. They can use Ibrahimovic as an example – he works and trains each day like it was his first. “Zlatan's story speaks for itself, and so does his career. He has always been decisive and it continues to be that way in Paris.”
No doubt,not only footballers,every man that aim to be top of his game must emulate the work ethic of big thinker and talker Zlatan 

Moved to tears, over Akademia best video award, Monica Swaida speaks passionately on new height

Still basking in euphoria of her historic triumph for  the best  video award for February 2016  by the prestigious Akademia Inc in far away United States of America, highly oxygenated performer, and insuance guru,Monica Omorodion Swaida,last night broke her silence on her true feelings

In a telephonic chat with CERUTTI Group CEO,the "African wordsmith" CERUTTI Osage, Lady  Swaida,whose  Work Monicanization Palava clinched the top prize,described her choice as act of God

"Am moved,the music was tagged world beat,yet was done in  pidgin,notwitstanding,  the Americans dimmed me fit for the prestigious award, am moved to tears, God is indeed able to satisfy all our needs

" When I was told I was nominated among thousands ,not in a million years did I suspect I will take home such honour, it is most touchy, Americans don't know how to hide their feelings, they love your music or work,they flaunt it, am honoured... Though short of words'

She advised youths to stay foc…

Meet Chief Alex Adoghe:The property & Stock market player with deep passion for Hotel Business

A CERUTTI Media special Luxury Report

Fortune favours the brave"

CHIEF ALEX ADOGHE   is  an entrepreneur whose other mame is  called Mr passion
He loves to be passionate about anything he finds his hands into. He Presently owns and operates “NOAHS ARK HOTEL ANUITES” in Lekki Phase One, Victoria Island, Lagos and  is  also an active player in the booming property and stock markets around the world.
Beyond that, he  is fanatical about the Esan Cause and he is  presently the president of Esan People’s Congress, He was the National Vice-President of “ESAN YOUTH MOVEMENT” and he was in charge of Abuja and Northern Nigeria.Noah's ark hotel and suites situated in the lekki peninsular axis of Victoria Island is a boutique styled hotel offering guests exquisite accommodation in a tranquil and safe environment.

Just  recently CERUTTI media caught up with him to speak on wild range of issues, first was about his chic boutique hotel, he admitted he does not joke with cleanliness and customer …

Dayo Adeneye downplays his passion for showbiz, says " Am totally committed to Ogun Government "

" A bird does not sing because it has am answer. It sings because it has a song "- Chinese proverb

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The name Dayo Adeneye  is a mame that needs little or no introduction before taking a place of pride in the prestigious hall of fame as far as show business is concern in the continent 

Woman of Virtue, Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari Gets rare Happy Birthday accolades from Humanitarian, Miss K

Legendary Cicero was right when he spoke of power of virtue. In his stand  " Nothing can take the place of virtue and virtue always has its own reward."

Speaking of women of virtue, the Nigerian First lady Hajia Aisha Buhari easily comes to mind. Since she assumed office of first lady,not must frivolities and jamboree travels have been seem of her, rather fighting for the cause of the masses and the disadvantage child has been her cause, a case study was when she fought the present government to fulfill the Pre-election promise made to unemployed Nigerian graduates. Back home, most Nigerians hardly commend her,but on occasion of her landmark birthday last night, a Top Brand Ambassador, Performer and Humanitarian, Miss K, all the way from London, graciously commended the meek First lady and not only wished her long life, but equally proved to be humble enough to not feel threatened by one's beauty,by recognizing and appreciating Aisha Buhari's beautiful features,naming he…

Muky Emelda : Meet the three in one lady who wants to rule in all


A popular African proverb warned that " A man does not plan ahead when he is not prepared "

Such saying may be the driving force behind team of young Lagos based business lady Muky Emelda

Not one to waste time in things of no  value, she is enjoying life in three vocation namely her monthly gathering for God tagged: Ladies of Praise ( LOP) where she gathers professional women once a month to praise /talk God all night.

She has also a TV talk show  of which she was quick to point out as a show meant yo restore hope to the hopeless; encourage people to dream again and have the believe that their dreams can come through again and finally  to help youths of today know /learn the value of work ethics against over riches.

Lastly, she is deeply involved in the fast growing network marketing world, with specialty in health/wellness products

Of the three ,she admitted deriving immense joy gathering women to praise God, and confessed that the impact on lives of many has bee…