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Leadership Publisher, Sam Ndah- Isiah Speaks of His UAE Experience With Security Officers Over 5 Ghana Must Go Bag Full Of Books

"Preparation is mother of all fortune"

Global youths, success minded mortals and future moguls must imbibe the culture of being addictive readers of good books if they  earnestly craves for  their desires to come through in a legitimate manner

A publisher and big stage world conference speaker, Dr Sam Ndah- Isiah the group chairman and publisher of Leadership newspaper has stated

Speaking to a large group of youths in Abuja, Dr Isiah stated " Some go to Dubai and other overseas countries to shop.. I go buy books, to be great youths must love reading- your answers to life's many problems are there " he quipped

Explaining the distance he has travelled to get books.. The publisher

revealed his experience with UAE securities on a trip to Dubai

" I had passed in from Toronto into Dubai with five Ghana must go bags and inside the airport I was taken to a corner for special search

" For two hours they searched and scrutinised all the books thinking it was hard cur…


Mother Theresa was right in her quote:  “if you cannot feed 100 people , feed just one”

There was shout of joy at the Abakaliki Township Stadium, Abakaliki last night  when Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State  announced the birth of a baby during a state launcheon party for elders and widows in the state  by his administration. The baby arrived just minutes before  the governor called out about 1,710 widows to be empowered by the government  as part of the efforts to lessen their burden. An elated Umahi drew his wife, Rachel close to him and named the new born girl, Rachel Mgborie David, a combination of the names  of his wife and himself. Umahi, according to a statement on Friday by his Chief Press Secretary, Emma Anya,   advised that the  mother of the baby girl , Regina Patrick, should   add the  name of her late husband  as the surname of the baby. Immediately, he announced a donation of N1m to   baby Rachel and directed his  Senior Special Assistant on Religious Matters and the Chairm…

World Leaders Future Champions Series: Meet Oghosa Ehigie... The Trained Engineer Turned Showman

Many, globally are often hacken  to label Nicolo Machiavelli as a strategist possessing some strange die hard spirit

They fail to see his good side! In one of his works " Ethics " he spoke on direction and warned " if you don't know where you are going you will never get anywhere for when you leave the future to chance it will result in nothing but drift and disaster "

That is Machiavelli for youyou... And as we flag off our future champion series we met a Benin based young engineer with big bent for show business which he is doing very neatly and gradually

OGHOSA EHIGIE also known as OGEE was born on 26th of June in Lagos. He is a graduate of Civil Engineering from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi. He is  also  artiste manager, a song writer, gospel artiste and an event planner. He is from a Christian family of six. World leaders • Com met him recently via his management brand,Efoski and asked him few questions: Enjoy the excerpt as word smithed by Czar Mike CERUTTI Osag…

World Leaders • Com True Wealth Series: Dr Phil On Art Of Gathering Money Little By Little.

Preparation is mother of good fortune- corporate Machiavelli

Not so long ago,during the 2017 Global Money week held in Abuja,Nigeria's apex bank CBN held an elaborate symposium and  advised youths and students on need to imbibe savings culture so as to enjoy robust stress free future

Now Public Relations expert, Dr Phil Osagie has added his voice and tabled a super tip on growing money peacefully

Hear him:  " Many always talk of their aspiration of big break and prays fervently for it to come.  

 " Big break is good but it is not something you must wait for.. Big break comes with big worries

" Best and true wealth comes by gathering little by little, step by step... It's best way one can attain true wealth"

•Dr. Phil Osagie is a global communication's specialist and an expert on Emerging Markets, especially Africa. He is CEO and head strategist JSP Nigeria.

 *View exclusively a Cerutti  Media & books  inc complimentary  @ MINI BOOK BONUS: CONSUMATE P. R PL…

BARRISTER EZEOBI CHINEDU,CHAIRMAN IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX:" I admire Morrissons, but BlueWaters London is what I dream of for Ikota Shopping Mall "


 Over the weekend, we posted a business strategy story about the famous Morrison's supermarket that started from a small family market in 1899 and is still waxing strong, feeding millions of people consistently

It was big exposé and many wonferd if supermarket business can last long in some West African nations like Nigeria?

We decided to go and get views of supermarket experts.. It was not easy task and  tracking down fire brand Barrister Ezeobi Chinedu is not an tea party. 

You must persevere to the end to win his node for an interview date with  the sharp speaking barrister cum.chairman of ikota shopping complex, arguably one of the biggest shopping mall around today

Barrister Chinedu. Who is an accomplished lawyer and joint founder of a law firm Ezeobi & Ezeobi solicitors with specialties in corporate practice property law and litigation who was appointed a notary public of Nigeria by the country's chief justice many years ago


Coscharis Group Rates New Ford Ranger "Perfect Brand For Nigerian Road's"

Barely a week after global Brand, Ford displayed its extensive, value-for-money Ranger models at this year’s Chevron Employee Multipurpose Cooperative Society (CEMCS) exhibition and 50thanniversary celebration, the Coscharis Group has rated the product highly saying, “The Ford Ranger is a great vehicle for Nigerians with versatility being a major selling point.

The event  had several  displays that  included promotion of the Coscharis Ford after-sales offerings and Ford Ranger pick-ups.

Ranger is currently the fastest selling Ford nameplate in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. In Nigeria Coscharis together with Ford assemble some of the Ranger models in Lagos State. Ranger was chosen as Nigeria’s Pick-up of the Year for 2016 by the Nigeria Auto Journalists’ Association (NAJA) further cementing its ‘Built Ford Tough’ reputation.
The Ranger pick-up is a great all-rounder, combining a blend of on-road comfort and stability with off-road capability. There is a model for virtually every applica…

World Leaders Rich Vs Poor Series (1:The Rich Move...)

( Non denominational)
Rich vs poor

" One BASIC difference between the rich and the poor is that the Rich move while the poor always have excuses... And are often unwilling to move 

"Hence they often wait for accidental miracle that rarely comes for even the charlatans and evil minded advance fee fraudsters spends all night working on strategies to defraud their gullible
client's... The poor must start to emulate the Rich.. Move more than pray"

© On May 21, 2017 9:51 AM,
 "Mike cerutti Osagie"
Editor in Chief

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Rising African Jeweler. Blossom Gabriel Speaks Candidly To Today's Women On Other Importance Of Jewelries To Today's Women (1)

" It is luxury that takes us from ordinary to extraordinary "- Sir Donald John Trump

Luxury report: May 20, 2017 9.30 AM
 " By Mike cerutti Osagie" <>

Everywhere in the world, women are wearing an ample variety of jewelry. Whether it is about necklaces, bracelets or earrings, jewelry is extremely popular. ...

The fact is that jewelry has always been an importantpart of human cultures, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to each of us

* Women are passionate about Jewellery as it represented a symbol of femininity and even social status.

Recently, fast rising African jeweler and award winner Dr Blossom Gabriel   spoke to our luxury unit on the other importance of jewels

 Hear her" Jewellery has always made women feel beautiful and confident. The jewellery items are made of diamonds, pearl, gold, silver or other precious materials, the importance of Jewellery has always subsided in its ability to add to a women's natural…