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Lady Of Top Taste, British Chef, bestselling author, and TV personality, Lorraine Pascale Set To Spice Up GTB Food & Drinks Fair

As the countdown continue towards  the big GTB Food & Drinks fair hots up, more A list  celebrities are  beefing up the robust list The latest being, the British Chef, bestselling author, and TV personality, Lorraine Pascale, who will be at the 2018 GTBank Food and Drink Fair to treat guests to an exciting Masterclass on how to make the perfect desserts. Organized by foremost African financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, the GTBank Food and Drink Fair is designed to celebrate Nigeria’s vibrant food culture whilst Promoting Enterprise in the small business sector of the Food Industry. The 2018 GTBank Food and Drink Fair holds from April 29th to May 1st, 2018 at Plot 1-3, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Lagos. 9 am  – 10 pm daily.
Before she became one of the biggest names in UK food shows, Lorraine was the first Black British fashion model to appear on the cover of American Elle. Being there and done that, she decided to follow her real passion–cookery–and enrolled for Leith’…

War Against Girl-Child Traffic Protagonist Lois Otse Adams, Speaks Passionately Of Her Fight On Girl Child Trafficking


"Just like people have interests on different areas, but I am motivated to have a voice and action in child trafficking and decided to embark "-Lois Otse Adams
A Chief Cerutti Osagie Copy, 
F: Cerutti Corporations  ( his international best seller book titled: HOW TO SELL YOURSELF THROUGH LIFE' , best selling evergreen author, Napoleon Hill advised on page 192 that " Think well before you speak because your words may plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of other persons" Such is the exact case of occurrence with the subject matter of this robust article At a recent occasion based on intellectual stimulation, our guest Lois Otse Adams- Osigbemhe, an Auchi Princess from Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State-stood up after prayers and described herself as an author of several books This is an unconven…

House Of REP AD-HOC Committee Sets To Investigate The Nation's Four Refineries Turn Around Maintenance (TAM)

All arrangements have been formally concluded by the Federal House of Representatives AD-HOC Committee  investigating  the Nation's four refineries turn around maintenance (TAM) and regular/ Modular licenced
refineries  public hearing / call for Memorandum 

According to a position paper made available to us by  the committee's clerk, Abdulkadir Bello, this move is in pursuant to the House of Representatives Resolution to investigate the statues of the  nation's four refineries, their turn around maintainance (TAM) to date  and regular/modular licenced refinaries

Says Bello " We are hereby stakeholders and general public to this 2 day investigative  hearing on the matter

"We expect all relevant bodies invited  to forward twenty hard copies and soft copy of their  memoranda to  the committee secretariat in room 314 white house, House of Representatives, NASS  complex on or before, 30th April , 2018"

Bello confirmed that the  hearing is scheduled to take place on 7-…

SPECIAL TRIBUTE : Life and times of Pa Ibidapo

Life and times of Pa Ibidapo
By Louis Odion, FNGE
The nation is certainly yet to fully account for the desperate moments that followed the slaying of General Ramat Murtala Mohammed on February 13, 1976 on the road to the mosque. Already, we heard how a feisty Dimka hijacked the Federal Radio station; his drunken gaffe in mistaking “dusk” for “dawn” while announcing the coup and how he was eventually dislodged by loyal troops. Elsewhere in Ikoyi, Lagos that fateful Friday, more drama - by far less grim but nonetheless significant - soon unraveled after the dastardly act. At the official residence of the second-in-command (the then Lt. General Olusegun Obasanjo), a certain federal contractor and his workmen had continued with some maintenance work, oblivious of the calamity that had just altered the course of Nigerian history forever. (Meanwhile, once the news of the sad incident broke, OBJ had obeyed his instincts: he simply went into hiding.) Then, a truck-load of battle-clad troops barged …


. ••••••• Monday Peak Motivation Brought To You By De  Cerutti corporation in Association with Maria's Hotel, Jos.

Every man's morning period often times eventually decides to a large extent how the rest of the day will look like or eventually turn out to be like - even the obedient servant of God, Job was asked by the creator " Have you commanded your morning? " This goes to show the immense importance of our morning if we must enjoy a fruitful and most impactful day In a currently being compiled long and insightful series , detailing the early morning habits of some distinguished rich, successful and eminent people around the world today, best selling writers, and success secrets aficionados CERUTTI Media & Books Inc , drew out some thought provoking early day life style of this current day self made millionaires and legends that can in no small way help all PROSPECTIVE CHAMPION of tomorrow - the future! It is most thought provoking. Enjoy a token DOZEN from the l…

GTBank Food & Drink Fair 2018 Hots UP................ As Chef Benedict, Italian Cuisines Legends Confirmed For Lagos

Chef Benedict is a custodian of Italian Cuisines and an alumnus of two prestigious institutions: le Cordon Bleu Firenze (Scuola d’arte Culinaria Italiana), and Carpigiani Gelato University, Bologna, Italy.
Having grown up in the ancient city of Florence in Italy, Chef Benedict’s career as a Chef began in 2013. Since then, he has built a reputation for his extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine and ability to replicate and elevate classic Italian dishes using produce from local farmers.

On Monday (5:00pm – 6:00pm) April 30th, Chef Benedict will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair to treat attendees to a classic Italian culinary experience.
To attend his masterclass, visit FREE. The GTBank Food & Drink Fair is an annual food exhibition, proudly sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank. The event is focused on promoting small businesses in the food industry by organizing a food fair that attracts thousands of food lovers around Nigeria…


To celebrate United Nations International Book Day, 23 April 2018 the World Leader's number 1 African Platform is delighted to present to you, Miss-K's Exclusive Up-coming book unveiled, a Cerutti Media Group partnership. 
Keep tuning in, as the launch of this jewel
from this powerful Afro-Caribbean-Latina Entertainer,
will take place this coming summer!
More coming soon!


Nigerians from all walks of life have been implored to be  more patient with the present administration, just as more people are daily raining insult on the President /commander in chief,President MUHAMADAU BUHARI 

This call for more patience was the view aired last night  by Otunba  Dele Aberuagba, London based publisher of EMPIRE INTERNATIONAL
IN A CHAT WITH World Leaders Online magazine in Abuja last night 20th April 2018 

In his words, " Yes the president err in his London global speech by calling Nigerian youths lazy, that must not be the talk for the whole year, vast Nigerian I KNOW are not lazy, so if you are one , put that behind and move on, my stand is we need to keep having faith tat the president will deliver with more time, NIGERIA is not easy nation to govern , let us all put past behind and think how we can move Nigeria forward

Speaking on his much rumored aspiration to vie for  a seat at National assembly in next political dispensation,  Aberuagba, a veteran mass com…

The A.B.C Of GTBank Food & Drink Fair :Promoting Enterprise

It is here again. The much awaited GTBank Food & Drink Fair -the annual food exhibition and sales event that aims to project the diverse angles of the food industry by connecting various businesses involved in the production and sale of food related items to a cosmopolitan audience of food enthusiasts.
This years event will be held on : April 29th, 30th & May 1st, 2018 Time: 10am – 9pm (daily) Venue: Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos
For those wondering what this event is all about, WORLD LEADERS hereby present highlight of last year to give you clear insight of what to expect
*Highlights from the 2017 GTBank Food and Drink Fair
On Sunday, the 30th of April, 2017, the much talked about GTBank Food and Drink Fair began. As the sun began to warm the venue, gently, no one was yet certain about what to expect. Guests streamed in, vendors called out, the comperes kept the place alive over the speakers.
The DJ, at the peak of his powers, had vendors dancing wh…