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EXCLUSIVE : Why Africa's Global Bank, UBA Donated N5 billion For COVID-19 Relief Support Accross Africa

“True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities.” Naveen Jain

*A Special report by MIKE De Cerutti Osagie 
(Africa's Foremost Humanitarian writer) 

That the United Bank for Africa recently announced a whopping donation of more than ₦5 billion to 20 African countries which include Nigeria as a comprehensive pan-African response against the fight of Coronavirus in these countries, is perhaps no more fresh news, what is truly the news is what  must have been the major inspiration behind the unprecedented philanthropic move by the Global African bank.

According to a formal breakdown, the funds  will help the countries affected by this evil virus and while  The federal capital territory will receive a donation of ₦500 million, Lagos  will in turn receive $2.8 million while the other states receive ₦1.5 billion.
* That is not all, N 1.5 Billion will go to  UBA''s presence countries in …

Political Juggernaut Gabriel Suswan's Philanthropic Side Exposed ..........How He Continuously Set MANY Prisoners free from "Evil Bondage"

"It is one of the most powerful gifts God can give—the ability to influence. You will know who truly loves you when you ask them to do an unconventional favor.”
BY MIKE DE CERUTTI OSAGIE Editor-In-Chief WORLD INDUSTRY LEADERS MAGAZINE  Anytime  the name Gabriel Torwua Suswam is being mentioned, not much is talked about his philanthropic side, but in truth, here is a very large-hearted man who is silently touching lives of not only his people but men and women nationwide

Special Weekend Brand Focus .............Why They Now Call MUDI AFRICA "An Ambassador"